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Our offer includes:

  • preliminary preparation and definition of Customer requirements and expectations
  • development and completing of comprehensive technical and design documentation
  • selection of the optimized plastic and construction solution
  • prefabrication, execution and supply
  • completing and supply of accompanying products, such as pipes, fittings, connecting elements and valves
  • provision of other services not specified but agreed with the customer

The final products may be as follows:

  • the mixing tanks of aggressive chemical substances, as an option – with the support structure for mechanic mixer
  • buffer reservoirs and systems for dosing of chemical substances, coagulants, reducing agents, acids and alkalies
  • storage reservoirs, also with double walls, possible leakages detection system, and catching tray for cases of emergency and leakage of aggressive substances
  • process reservoirs applied in chemical industry, galvanizing, for metal processing, in food and paper industry
  • galvanizing and etching baths, process equipment, sewage channels in chemical departments, highly aggressive substances reloading, filling and bottling stations trays, electrolytic cells elements, etc.
  • circular and rectangular ventilation ducts, resistant to moisture and aggressive substances, made of PE / PP/ PPs chemically resistant panels, ventilation fittings system
  • scrubbers, absorbers
  • joint collectors systems


We also offer the following optional equipment:

  • liquid level indicators – measurement probes,  floating and ball-type level gages
  • stub pipes, dosing pumps, mixers, precious steel structures
  • flow measurements elements
  • other equipment and components depending on individual requirements