Tanks and infrastructure

We will develop and carry out everything that is associated with a chemical resistant tank in every industrial plant. Therefore, our offer includes not only tanks, but the entire infrastructure necessary for their operation during production and technological process. Collectors, pipelines, unloading systems, pumping systems, absorbers … If there is something that you will not find in the description on this page, be sure that we omitted it not to consume your precious time.

Our offer related to storage tanks includes:

  • initial preparation and clarification of customer requirements and expectations,
  • developing and completing full technical and design documentation,
  • selection of optimal material and construction solution,
  • prefabrication, execution and delivery,
  • completing and supplying the accompanying assortment, e.g. pipes, fittings or fixtures,
  • providing other services if the customer needs it.

The final products may include:

  • buffer tanks and dosing of chemicals, coagulants, reducing agents, acids and bases,
  • storage tanks, also with a double wall, a system for detecting possible leaks and a collecting tray in the event of a breakdown or leakage of a caustic compound,
  • trays for handling, spilling and bottling stations of highly corrosive compounds,
  • chemically resistant ventilation ducts (round or rectangular) insensitive to moisture and corrosive compounds from PE HD/PE-EL/PP/PPs/PPs EL/PVC sheets, together with a system of ventilation fittings,

As additional equipment we offer:

  • liquid level indicators (measuring probes and float and ball level indicators),
  • connectors, dosing pumps, mixers, stainless steel constructions,
  • flow measuring elements,
  • other devices and components for individual customer needs,
  • automatic control, control and measuring systems (control cabinets, remote sensors – radar / ultrasonic, retransmission of measuring signals, actuators, throttles, valves)

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