Growth is our second nature

Innovative thinking is extremely important in our work. However, we do not stop at thinking and consistently translate it into innovative projects, which often meet with the recognition of institutions granting funding to projects with a clear potential.

We continually invest in the development of our technological base – all in order to provide solutions that meet the most rigorous standards (both current and future). The best example is the construction of a new production hall with a surface area of 2300 m2, which will be 20 m high. Thanks to four overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 20 t, we can vertically and horizontally handle tanks up to 13.5 m. The equipment of the new hall will also include:

  • welding robot for diameters up to 4000 mm and an extension of up to 10 m,
  • a machine for automatic sheet heating and folding,
  • latest automatic in-line butt welding machine + wall wrapping system,
  • CNC machine for plastic and composite/resin processing,
  • production line of chemical resistant composite tanks using the method of continuous winding + layer of chemical resistant plastic liner,
  • tank production line with the stress-free method – filament winding of extruded plastic web,
  • a separate leakage test and pressure test station.