Air and gas cleaning

The storage of hazardous, corrosive and toxic substances always involves the risk of hazardous fumes. In such cases, the tank breathing lines should be routed outside the building, and if applicable regulations do not permit the type of emission, these lines should be connected to the vapour absorber.

The volume of emissions from ventilation systems and technological equipment should not exceed the limits resulting from legal regulations (Act of 27 April 2001 Environmental Protection Law, i.e. Dz.U. 2020, item 1219). In order to prevent excess vapor emissions from the tanks where the medium is stored, water scrubbers are used to ensure high removal efficiency.

We build malodorous gas treatment equipment/systems according to design. They are an indispensable part of industrial plant equipment.

Gas and odour treatment plant housings

We manufacture gas and odour neutralisation equipment, as well as reliable air cleaning systems. We use carefully selected plastics for their production, which ensures their failure-free operation. Orders are carried out individually, to size – strictly according to needs.

Polyethylene and polypropylene used for chemical resistant housing of air cleaning equipment and installations are characterised by resistance to corrosive chemicals, corrosion and UV rays. The low weight of the panel panels allows virtually unlimited filter designs. They do not require a crane, overhead crane or hoists for efficient installation, just two experienced persons.

The size of the scrubber or scrubber system is selected according to requirements, based on detailed information on the flow and characteristics of the gases to be treated. Scrubbers with MultiPower panel construction technology operate extremely efficiently without the need for significant investment in expensive consumables – they do not require frequent servicing, which reduces maintenance and upkeep costs.

Plastic sheets are in-line butt-welded strictly in accordance with DVS standards, which is confirmed by appropriate protocols.

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