Air and gas purification

Solutions for each industrial sector

In the industrial plant, apart from tanks, very often an indispensable element of equipment are odorous air and gas purification systems, i.e. vapours of toxic or caustic compounds.

Profit at the start

By choosing Amargo technologies you gain at the start, because our offer is a guarantee of free servicing, no costs associated with painting, no erosion of concrete or problems related to resin dropping.

Our solutions work well in many sectors of the economy

– Environmental protection, including sewage treatment plants

– Pharmaceutical industry

– Chemical industry

– Processing industry

– Food industry (including meat processing plants, slaughterhouses)

– Agriculture

– Energy industry

– Galvanizing plants, planting plants

– Automotive industry

Technical details

Due to the low weight of panel boards, the possibilities of constructing Amargo filters from sheets with dimensions e.g. 2600×1000 mm are practically unlimited. For their efficient installation, you do not need a crane, overhead crane or hoists, but only two experienced people.

Regarding the operation of purifiers, the gases after passing through the humidifier are directed to the filtration or sorption material inside the container. Then they penetrate through the biomass, which significantly reduces the level of fragrances. It sounds simple, but to build it all and ensure effective operation, you need expert knowledge. Fortunately, we have enough expertise at Amargo!


Prerequisites for good installation are accurate measurements. Make them yourself or order them to Amargo – on this basis we will certainly prepare for you the best solution. Our experts will prepare a design, housing, charge and install the necessary pumps, fans, automation and control system.