Chemical resistant process tanks used for product processing within production lines

Amargo produces the highest quality tanks for a number of market segments. Our products have been trouble-free for years in companies from the food and paper sectors, in the production of beverages, in the processed meat industry, sewage treatment plants, coking plants and companies from the tire segment.


Amargo process tanks equipped with a number of elements for carrying out the process, including: mixers, drives, gearmotors, speed control and regulation inverters, hinged covers, baskets – hoppers, visors, control cabinets, sensors, pumps, dispensers, nozzles, wave breakers and pump connections.

The most frequently implemented projects include:

  1. solution preparation and dosing stations,
  2. stations – mixers for the preparation of e.g. potassium permanganate
  3. milk of lime preparation stations,
  4. solution particles recovery tanks,
  5. tanks for bath preparation for application of precious metals – coatings.

Galvanizing baths

Amargo galvanizing baths are made of chemical resistant materials in the form of sheets.

For production of such tanks we use PP-H, PE HD 100/RC, PCV, PVC-C, PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA sheets andMultiPower PP-COPO sheets. The sheets are welded using dedicated welding wires of the same genuine material. Apart from galvanizing baths Amargo also offers pickling baths and lines for galvanizing, chrome plating and nickel plating.

Extreme conditions? We can deal with it!

If the working conditions of the tank in your plant (resulting from the production process, technology, specifics of the chemicals used, aggressiveness of temperatures, pressures or concentrations) are so demanding that standard materials (as listed above) are not enough, Amargo finds a solution! As a result of constant development, research and innovation supported by EU programmes, we have expanded our production offer with a new type of multi-layer tanks. They consist of a highly resistant to chemistry and high temperatures internal liner made of materials, which due to their parameters could be called “cosmic” and an external construction layer made of FRP/GRP composite (resin braided with fibreglass). The whole is protected by a detection system, structure stability and tightness monitoring system.


Amargo is able to make for you almost any type of tank for almost any application in almost all operating conditions!  Do not hesitate any longer, fill out the form, give us your specification, and we will prepare a free offer, supported by an audit and technical selection. You are in good hands!

Zbiorniki chemoodporne do koncentratów nawozowych
Urządzenia z tworzywa PP z automatyką i mieszadłem na chemikalia
Zbiorniki procesowe z polietylenu PE100RC

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