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Amargo manufactures tanks, apparatuses, covers, inserts, partitions and mechanisms for various tasks. Among them, it is worth mentioning caustic chemical mixers with a conical or flat bottom (optionally with a structure supporting a mechanical stirrer), buffer tanks, devices for  reducing chemical charge, dosing of chemicals, coagulants, acids and bases. Our offer for various branches of industry includes, among others, pickling and galvanizing baths, sub-assemblies and components of production lines, as well as apparatuses and chemically resistant elements. We specialize in storage and process cylindrical tanks, as well as control, signalling, connectors and equipment for heating and measuring various media.

Storage tanks

Amargo’s extensive experience in non-standard projects requiring engineering expertise means that we can offer comprehensive storage solutions for poisonous, corrosive and other hazardous substances. We will take responsibility for the entirety of your installation, including piping, pumps or the production and technological line. Invite Amargo Tank Think Tank to cooperate and take care of other matters.

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Process tanks

If you need certainty that the tank will perform its role long and trouble-free, passing all controls and tests, immediately choose the Amargo offer! Our chemical resistant process tanks, mixers for highly corrosive media, dosing, neutralization and treatment systems work well wherever ordinary materials can’t stand.

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