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Amargo solutions can be used in almost any industry, meeting even the most stringent requirements. The high quality of the semi-finished plastic materials enables the tanks to be operated safely and reliably for many years in a sustainable manner. Check back here regularly – we try to keep the list of our projects and testimonials from customers up to date.

Need specific recommendations?

On this page you will find only selected projects. However, if you need recommendations from a specific industry, please let us know. In the next step, we will send you recommendations and key information to assist you in internal discussions about the planned project.

Check reference examples of completed projects and find out what our customers value the most about Amargo experts and technologies

„F.B.I. TASBUD S.A. certifies that the tank was made according to the design, precisely and technologically very well. The AMARGO company has demonstrated experience in the field of construction of fire tanks as well as consulting.”

“Amargo has above-average experience. The level of service and product quality are at the highest level.”

“The project was carried out efficiently and on time. The work was performed accurately and with due diligence.”

“The project was carried out efficiently and on time. The work was performed accurately and with due diligence.”

“Amargo is a reliable partner with extensive experience in the field of tank construction and installations”

“Amargo are professionals who value customer’s time!”

“Flexible approaches to the demanding customer, who we are – is undoubtedly a big advantage of Amargo”

“We can rely on a reliable partner during short renovation breaks. I sincerely recommend it.

“The Amargo salesman actively listening to the needs is the basis for understanding customer’s needs.”

“Thanks to Amargo, we have solved the problem of storing a demanding medium.”

“AMARGO has done the work professionally and properly, in accordance with the requirements of applicable norms and standards”

“Professional construction of four fire tanks. Execution on time, professionally. We sincerely recommend it!”

“As far as Amargo is concerned, we appreciate the flexibility in both production and tank assembly on site.”

“Adjustment of internal tanks to the shape and dimensions of the rooms, design help, perfect execution!”

“Expertise and timeliness in the fulfilment of orders for many years – We highly recommend it.”

“Implementation according to the previously proposed schedule, on time, in accordance with the regulations.”

“Amargo has comprehensively produced and delivered a set of three sand separators for waste-water treatment plant using material technology. A company worth recommending!”

“We value Amargo for keeping its word and quality production! Construction of tanks according to the previously proposed schedule, on time, in accordance with the regulations and guidelines.”

“From consulting, through design, to complete implementation – a very solid Partner!”

“Professional execution of complex process tanks with baths made of chemical resistant material! We sincerely recommend it!”

Other projects

  • Double wall tank approved by the Office of Technical Inspection with a capacity of 30 m3 for the storage of concentrated caustic soda NaOH, along with a protection tank and transfer pipelines
  • Storage tanks for concentrated hot caustic soda NaOH with capacities of 50 m3 each for a producer from the coking industry
  • Insulated non-pressure plastic tank for the modernisation of a sulfuric acid and polymer dosing system in the refinery industry
  • Non-pressure double wall tank approved by the Office of Technical Inspection for 25% ammonia water with exhaust gas treatment system to reduce gas emissions
  • Plastic process tanks with a capacity of 19.5 m3 each for liquid circulation nodes at a fertiliser production division
  • Double wall storage tanks approved by the Office of Technical Inspection for concentrated hydrochloric acid HCl with a capacity of 15 m3 + UNO + dosing + automation
  • Set of process mixing tanks (conical bottom) with agitator for the production and packaging of household chemicals
  • Indoor retention tank made of MultiPower modular panels with a working capacity of 15.5 m3 for rainwater storage in an office building
  • Disassembly and assembly of 300 m3 raw water tanks and a 450 m3 demineralised water tank for a company in the power industry
  • A system of four indoor storage tanks for potable water to provide a 12-hour reserve for a hospital facility
  • Built-in modular water reserve storage tanks of 21 m3 each for production and cleaning purposes with a pumping system
  • Cellular panel tank with a capacity of 22.4 m3 as a water source for a permanent high-pressure water mist firefighting device in a theatre
  • Delivery and installation of a 6 m3 water tank for fire-fighting purposes for a mountain shelter together with two submersible pumps
  • External tanks made of PE100 plastic, 24 m3 each, designed for storing Clarian de-icing fluid for aviation infrastructure
  • Renovation of a corroded steel tank at a wastewater treatment plant using a PEHD chemical resistant liner
  • Removal of a leak in a hypochlorite tank due to damage to the gasket of the tank’s medium drain port, which caused leaks