Tank and installation servicing

Higher level of know-how

Welding plastics to chemical-resistant plastic tanks or potable water tanks is a higher level of technological initiation. We have been improving the art of combining high-quality materials with each other for many years, and our specialists regularly train and improve their qualifications


The Amargo team has the competence and equipment to service the most complex and demanding tanks and installations working with corrosive, poisonous, hazardous media.

UDT certificate

Confirmation of the above is qualification to carry out overhauls, repairs and modernization of all tanks and apparatuses granted by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Professional equipment

Amargo also has complete professional equipment for entering all types of tanks, including gas and vapour sensors, gas masks, air supply systems, safety harnesses, etc.

Scope of operations

  • repairs of tanks and installations, modification of installations,
  • replacement of valves, pumps, controls,
  • expansion of technological systems, pipelines,
  • change of intended purpose,
  • adding additional elements in piping, tanks, additional connectors, etc.

If you need help – just call. You can be sure that we will not leave you without support. Tank Think Tank Amargo is at your disposal.