Modular reserve/potable water tanks designed for medical institutions (hospitals, treatment centers, etc.) and office buildings, multi-family buildings, hotels, guesthouses

When ordering an Amargo potable water tank, you don’t have to worry about technical and legal requirements. We make them from materials that meet the highest quality standards and have certificates and approvals of the National Institute of Hygiene. When designing a tank for you, we use the available space to the millimetre, and possible obstacles such as electrical switchgear, pillars, etc. are not a problem for us. 

Intended purpose of the tanks

The main purpose of the tanks is emergency supply (water supply – storage – buffer) and levelling of too low pressure in the network (by connecting it with the pressure booster system and the existing piping of the building), especially in installation sections of significant height, e.g. in tower blocks. Other common functions are: potable water storage, buffer tank or overflow tank. Remember, however, that we are also happy to undertake custom projects.


The tanks are made depending on the needs and possibilities, either in our production plant (and transported entirely as a final, rectangular tank), or on-site – especially if the building is existing, and door openings and passageways prevent the tank from entering the given rooms.

Special cases

If necessary, after static and structural calculations, the tanks can be additionally reinforced with ribbed plastic strips, braces and beams, steel carcass or painted, galvanized or coated envelope profiles.

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