At Amargo, we value experts. Those who work for us and those we support. If you need professional information or help, the Amargo knowledge base is available for free. We have a lot of developed models of action, thanks to which you will save your time, and in addition you will improve the design, putting everything into the hands of professionals.

Let us choose a solution because you do not have the time and money for the experiments that we have carried out dozens of times.

  • Let us make a local vision because we see things invisible to others.
  • Let us choose the size of prefabricated elements so that you do not have to tear down the walls and deal with problems.
  • Let us choose and arrange the connectors to fit the installation – during this time you can do more important tasks.
  • In a word – let us help you.

We really have a lot of experience. Did you know that over 100 hospitals already use our solutions?

In this section of the page you will also find a number of articles written by industry professionals and tips for resolving various technical challenges. It is worth regularly checking here, because we often add new products, remaining open to any questions and suggestions for additional topics. In any case, we encourage you to contact us, assuming that the content presented here is only an introduction to conversation and cooperation.