Internal fire tanks

Our most popular products in the fire protection segment are Amargo tanks installed on site at the customer’s location, e.g. in basements or unused rooms, and manufactured to order using modern modules. Thanks to this solution, you don’t have to tear down the walls, disassemble windows or doors, or compromise the construction of the tank – after making accurate measurements on site, we’ll bring them to every nook and cranny of the indicated room. Count and compare the cost of building the Amargo tank with other technologies. You will quickly understand that it is difficult to find a more competitive solution.


All Amargo fire protection tanks comply with the required safety regulations. In the event of a fire, they act as a buffer, providing water supply and guaranteeing an adequate, uninterrupted water supply at a certain pressure. We can make both the tank itself and the set with the pump system and control. We always carry out the necessary calculations for a specific project. In case of implementation you will not pay for the calculation!

Additional savings

Amargo tanks have even more benefits. Amargo experts have developed a special MultiPower system that does not require steel reinforcements, thanks to which our customers do not incur any costs associated with service and repairs.

This solution has been working on the market for many years – if you want to get to know it, contact us via the form or in any other way available to you. We guarantee an instant response. If you want confirmation from the market in the form of a wide range of qualitative references – our Sales Expert will provide you with them.

Technical details

The assembly takes place on site by extrusion welding using a genuine, certified binder. Horizontal and vertical (boiler drum) Amargo cylindrical tanks are welded from flat, solid extruded panels.

We are able to obtain any size of tanks, modulating them every 25–50–60 cm in terms of width, length and height. We manufacture Amargo tanks from durable and aesthetic PP-H PP-C or PE HD polypropylene. We perform quick assembly in emerging facilities and in already built rooms, e.g. in … historic tenement houses, imposing many technical restrictions.

If it is necessary and there are demanding foundation conditions (extreme ambient temperatures, flow rate, liquid temperature, installation outside the building), the Amargo tank can be insulated with polyurethane, mineral wool, foamed polystyrene and protected against freezing.

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