We comprehensively implement our customers' goals and projects. As a tank think tank, we do not acknowledge the existence of tasks without a solution. We are the first and last instance to which a designer or investor can turn to for help. We follow a simple maxim: if not us, then nobody else.


We strive to make Amargo synonymous with comprehensive service. We want to be something more than just a tank company: a team of experts providing systems that guarantee certainty and peace of mind to those responsible for the project. We want Amargo systems and solutions to be the customer's first thought or the first recommendation he or she hears from the person asked for advice.



We are a think tank, so we think first and then act. We are happy to undertake tasks of large degree of difficulty. Thinking is one of the most important technological processes in Amargo.


The liquid is a ruthless judge of accuracy, but there are two other judges: your eyes and our exceptional attention to detail. We are refining everything as if it were to be part of a spacecraft. We know that there is no room for compromise.


When working on tanks, sometimes the situation changes smoothly. Experience has taught us how to adapt to it (and to customer's requirements) quickly and efficiently.


As we are the experts in our field, we consistently strive to become the undisputed leader on the market. We believe that our competnecies, achievements and experience allow us to set the new development paths for the entire industry. To achieve that, among many other activities, we invest in our own laboratory