Chemical resistant spillage containers, liners and trays

We provide technical advice, selection of chemical resistance to specific applications, as well as comprehensive execution:

  • tubs under tanks, machines, pumps pumping chemicals,
  • renovation of existing tanks by lining with a chemical-resistant plastic lining or laminated panels,
  • drip trays for rail stations unloading acid, alkali, chemicals, UAN fertiliser, etc.

Spillage containers, drip trays and inserts are made of approved thermoplastic materials to ensure resistance to corrosive substances and to eliminate the risk of corrosion. Dimensions are selected to meet the most stringent requirements for controlling leaks in industrial plants.

The high quality of the plastic joints ensures that the full amounts of leaking chemicals is captured, preventing them from reaching the factory floor or soil.

Spillage containers for tanks or machines

Spillage containers, made of PE or PP with high resistance to aggressive chemicals, protect production halls, floors and drains from uncontrolled leakage of hazardous materials. Spillage containers are placed e.g., under tanks or plant components to catch escaping liquid in case of leakage due to e.g., mechanical impact leakage.

We manufacture each spillage container in a suitably selected capacity, meeting all parameters arising from current regulations and standards.

Chemical resistant linings

PE High Density UV (PE-HD, HDPE) plastic liners play the role of chemical resistance insulation of tank structural material, such as reinforced concrete, steel, etc., which have been depleted or severely corroded and cause leakage. We use them to seal sewage tanks, municipal compost bins, and chemical tanks, protecting not only the equipment itself but also the environment. Apart from high chemical resistance to harmful compounds, the material guarantees full tightness and impermeability of the tank bottom and shell.

In the process of lining the internal surfaces of steel tanks, in addition to plastic inserts, we use the technology of fluoropolymer panels (PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA, PTFE laminated panels glued under vacuum to the steel tank).

Trays for rail tank cars

Rail tank cars, when unloaded or loaded, pose a risk of leakage of hazardous, corrosive substances and environmental pollution. It also poses quite a threat to the workers who operate such stations.

The Ministry of Economy and institutions related to environmental protection place particular emphasis on securing the handling processes of substances considered hazardous to the environment. Track and tanker unloading stations must be equipped with drip trays to protect the soil and water, i.e. the environment, from contamination. These recommendations cannot be ignored and these types of safeguards used, as you could end up with an environmental disaster and serious legal consequences.

Our proposed polyethylene or polypropylene drip trays with high chemical resistance and durability protect the area where the loading/unloading of chemicals from rail tank cars is located. We can freely shape and adjust the drip tray, even for very demanding unloading stations and large areas.

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