Baths and chemical resistant inserts

We care about your safety and safety of your environment

This is a very wide group of our products including, among others:

– drip tubs, protecting and collecting for machines or tanks,

– drip trays for railways to secure tank unloading sites,

– chemically resistant inserts for new and refurbished tanks made of metal, concrete and other non-chemical resistant materials,

– non-corrosive inserts for composters of municipal biodegradable waste segregation systems.

Capture and protection tubs

We provide technical advice, selection of chemical resistance for specific applications, as well as comprehensive execution of tubs under machines, pumps for pumping chemicals, for acids, bases, chemicals, RSM fertilizer unloading stations etc.

Our products protect the floors of production halls and sewage outlets against the penetration of hazardous compounds outside buildings.

Technical details

The protection tub can be made of both high density PE HD polyethylene with a thickness of 5 to 20 mm, as well as polypropylene PP-H homopolymer or PP-C copolymer. We make them by cutting flat plate sheets, edge and surface treatment as well as by manual welding, with extruder or butt welding.

Inserts for tanks

Inserts play the role of chemically resistant insulation of wall construction material, e.g. reinforced concrete, steel, etc. Thanks to them, the tanks can be used for many years, regardless of their purpose. We seal sewage tanks, municipal biocomposters, tanks for chemical substances, securing not only the devices themselves but, above all, the natural environment that we care about.

Our designers have already worked on the most complex projects in this field, and thanks to a qualified team of welders with UDT certificates, we can guarantee you peace and safety for years. Thanks to us you will avoid ecological disaster and other accidents affecting the continuity of production processes.

We invite you to submit queries by email. We guarantee quick contact, efficient pricing and, above all, serving a ready solution on a plate, not necessarily on a drip tray!