Ice rink

Good fun technology

Our innovative technologies allow the assembly and operation of ice rinks without the need to build complicated and expensive installations, such as aggregates, refrigeration systems or ice maintenance machines.

We build Amargo ice rinks from the latest generation of high-quality synthetic panels made of a special material that does not require freezing. We also offer a convenient sheet edge processing system in the form of locks for quick installation and removal.

Synthetic ice panels can be used at any time of the year and arranged on any surface, and you do not need special machines to install them. Our installations can be installed both outside and inside buildings.

As part of servicing ice rinks, we sell their components, we provide comprehensive delivery and turnkey installation. We also rent (from several days to months) or lease complete ice rinks. Our services are used by local governments as well as enterprises and private individuals. The highest quality Amargo ice rinks is demonstrated by the longest three-year warranty on the market with a minimum lifetime of eight years.

See how in an unbelievably short time we have created the longest and largest synthetic ice rink in the world with an area of 1400 m!