Amargo experts – we provide solutions for the industry

We are a leader in consulting and production of thermoplastic tanks and installations for industry. The key area of our activities is the design support, manufacture and installation of chemical resistant tanks and water tanks in any space, regardless of its parameters and the complexity of the entire process.

In addition to tanks, we build complete industrial installations – transfer, dosing, mixing (single and double-wall pipes with detection system) and gas pipelines – transport of vapors/gases to cleaning installations. In addition, we make equipment for filling and emptying transport tanks – stations with TDT (Transport Technical Supervision) acceptance.

As part of the investment project, we provide:

  • support at the project development stage,
  • best solution selection,
  • manufacturing of tank and system components,
  • delivery and installation at the facility,
  • equipping with necessary fittings,
  • tank servicing,
  • comprehensive legal and documentation services.

We overcome the challenges our clients face

For our clients, we are a partner providing much more than just top quality tanks. We provide complete solutions, thought out from the very beginning of the project and implemented at the highest level. We always confidently step in where the challenge is just too much for others.

Amargo solutions can be used in almost any industry, meeting even the most stringent requirements. The high quality of the semi-finished plastic products allows the tanks to be operated safely and reliably for many years in a sustainable manner.

We carry out tasks for many industrial sectors (directly or in cooperation with design offices): heavy industry, power industry (CHP), pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, paint and varnish industry, food industry (including breweries, beverage producers), pulp and paper industry, textile industry, metallurgy, tyre industry, water treatment plants, water supply companies and sewage treatment plants.

In addition to industry, we manufacture tanks designed for public facilities: health care facilities (hospitals, hospices, care and treatment facilities, rehabilitation centres, spas, sanatoriums), hotels, guesthouses, schools, multi-family buildings (blocks of flats, high-rise buildings, tenement houses) or religious buildings.

Modern machinery stock

Our machinery stock is equipped with welding robots, machining robots, reliable equipment from European manufacturers (e.g., Wegener, Leister, Kimla). We are currently implementing a line for the production of plastic tanks using filament winding technology and a line for the production of tanks and equipment from composites in combination with a chemical resistant liner.

Competence confirmed by a UDT certificate

We carry out the work in accordance with current standards and regulations and the authorisations of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) for the manufacture, modernisation and repair of non-pressure and low-pressure tanks for toxic or corrosive materials and flammable liquids. Our employees are trained and certified by accredited centres.

Meeting stringent standards and regulations

We manufacture tanks in accordance with current standards and regulations, the stringent standards of DVS 2205 and the precise provisions of company standard No. NZ-AM/14192/TERM/2020, which define the best possible technology for the construction of tanks made of thermoplastics and composite materials together with a highly chemical resistant layer/liner.

Tested, certified and approved materials

In the production of chemical resistant tanks, we use high quality certified semi-finished products made of thermoplastics by SIMONA, Roechling, Georg Fischer or Agru, as well as granulates supplied by renowned European producers. Water tanks are made of prefabricated PP-COPO or HDPE MultiPower panels certified by the [National Institute of Hygiene].

Cooperation with design offices

Experience in cooperation with design offices has resulted in the implementation of multiple interesting projects. Our cooperation model assumes joint design, selection of appropriate capacity, dimensions and technology for the tank, as well as configuration of the proposed concept. We go through the whole process together with the engineers – the common goal is to meet all technical challenges.

Own laboratory and R&D department

For 15 years, we have been deepening our knowledge and experience and constantly improving our machinery stock. We have a well-equipped quality control department (universal testing machine, ultrasonic testing). We are currently investing in new technologies, R&D department and laboratory, as well as expanding our production range and applied processing methods for thermoplastics and composites.

Our production facility

We care for sustainable development

We care about our planet – it is a very important element of our company’s strategy and it applies to every area of our business.

We recycle plastics and reduce CO2 emissions

We have significantly reduced electricity consumption by modernizing the heating system and production systems (condensing boilers, heaters with limited NOx emissions, LED lighting, ecological cars). We are preparing for investment in solar cells, we segregate waste and conduct a number of other activities protecting the environment.

Care for the environment is also reflected in our production

We create sewage treatment plant buildings, inserts protecting chemical tanks against leaks, inserts for biocomposting, biofilters, absorbers, collection trays – all this so that no waste threatens the environment.