Amargo is a team of experts in consulting and comprehensive solutions in the field of design, production and assembly of all types of tanks. We have been constantly developing for over 15 years, deepening our knowledge, experience and competence, which makes Amargo the first choice of designers, contractors and decision makers.

We like challenges and we always see opportunities in them, not just difficulties. The nature of our work makes us flexible and we can think and act outside the box. We know well that when implementing demanding tasks, the situation likes to change, but thanks to knowledge and experience we can always adapt to it.

Amargo tanks are premium products:

  • they are refined and checked in the smallest details,
  • they can be installed in any space, regardless of the complexity of the process,
  • we have a huge and constantly growing machinery and tool stock,
  • we provide complete solutions that guarantee confidence and peace of mind to those responsible for the project.

In a difficult situation, we will never leave you alone, regardless of whether we made the tank ourselves or someone else did it.

We care for sustainable development.
We care about our planet – it is a very important element of our company’s strategy and it applies to every area of our business.

We recycle plastics and reduce CO2 emissions.
We have significantly reduced electricity consumption by modernizing the heating system and production systems (condensing boilers, heaters with limited NOx emissions, LED lighting, ecological cars). We are preparing for investment in solar cells, we segregate waste and conduct a number of other activities protecting the environment.

Care for the environment is also reflected in our production.
We create sewage treatment plant buildings, inserts protecting chemical tanks against leaks, inserts for biocomposting, biofilters, absorbers, collection trays – all this so that no waste threatens the environment.