They fit like ... water!

Amargo water tanks are intended primarily for installation inside rooms and basements. Their main task is emergency power supply and compensation for low pressure in the network. If you are looking for a tank that will work as a 12-hour water supply for a hospital, care centre, hospice or sanatorium, Amargo products will be a great choice.

Skyscraper? No problem!

Our experts have designed them so that they work perfectly in installation sections of considerable height, such as skyscrapers. They are also great as drinking water storage, buffer or overflow tanks. We usually mount them on site from previously prepared modules, but if the location allows it, we can also transport and install a fully finished tank.

Fire tanks

Our installations and tanks protect the safety of people and property in various public buildings. The prestigious Złota 44 apartment building in Warsaw, the concert hall in Bydgoszcz, the mine with a tank located 1,100 meters underground – these are just some of our projects in this field. Thanks to them and many others, we can proudly be called real experts in our industry.

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Potable water reserve tanks

Water tank with a capacity of 200 cubic meters installed in the old boiler room of the hospital emergency ward without disturbing the functioning of the facility, tank on the barge, on which John Paul II sailed, tanks in hospices and large strategic hospitals, such as the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Gdańsk. Our potable water reservoirs ensure safe functioning of many public institutions.

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