We are an innovative company for more than 12 years providing You with a wide range of products and semi-products made of plastics, especially the ones of thermoplastic group (polyethylene and polypropylene).

In our production, we use the most advanced machines and technologies – extrusion, injections and rotomolding methods. Dynamically evolving world has made us to follow the constant changes, so that we improve our competences constantly. While cooperating with external experts we continuously develop new materials and production technologies. We are the authors of ideas which allow our customers to be one step ahead of their competitors.

Amargo® is everpresent

Our products are used almost in any sector: engineering, chemical, paper industry, transport, food production, recreation, and many others. We offer the production of both big and small lots, ensuring the highest quality, required dimensions, special formulas of additives, fillers and stabilizers, as well as customized colors.

We offer the products and services which have been repeatedly recognized by our Customers in Poland and abroad. High quality of our products is a result of experience and competences gathered for years.

Friendly to Environment

Our objective is to manufacture the environment friendly products. For this reason we use the thermoplastic group products complying with environmental regulations, which may be later recycled.

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ul. Pogodna 6, Piotrkówek Mały
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki

Email: biuro@amargo.pl
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Fax: +48 22 722 34 48

Email addresses:

Commercial department: handel@amargo.pl
Production and prefabrication department: produkcja@amargo.pl
Logistics and orders execution: logistyka@amargo.pl
Technical department, product manager: produkty@amargo.pl
Accountancy, reporting: ksiegowosc@amargo.pl
Management board: zarzad@amargo.pl